Wild Hearts Rehab Centre is a non-profit, tax exempt company formed to rehabilitate orphaned animals and re-introduce them back into their native habitat. This project is the first of its kind in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa and is significant because the habitat, nutrients and endless range of land which constitute the finest region in Africa for the rehabilitation of wildlife.

Wild Hearts Rehab Centre is working in concert with Wintershoek Johnny Vivier Safari
Complex in the Northern Cape, under the guidance of the owner, Wiaan van der Linde,
2011 Wildlife Rancher of South Africa. Wild Hearts is managed full time by Ansabet le
Roux, who has years of experience in the rehabilitation of wild African animals, including
rhino and a host of other species.


Wild Hearts has a full reaction team for the rescue and re-introduction of wildlife which
includes ample staff, veterinary services, tranquilizer specialists and a helicopter with a
pilot. We are permitted to accept any orphan from a list of 32 indigenous species,
including all of the Big Five.


Wild Hearts, in conjunction with the Nature Conservation Organization, has identified
and ear-marked game reserves for the future release of rehabilitated animals. All of
these game reserves employ anti-poaching units. We are also partnered with the
Northern Cape Nature Conservation program and the Green Scorpions, which are the
two main governing bodies in the South African conservation field today.


At Wild Hearts we believe education is an integral component to the anti-poaching
effort. We will maintain an Educational Facility for the local community,
general public and youth to learn about the consequences of poaching,
the benefits of wildlife rehabilitation and re-introduction and the need for